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August was a rough month for us here at Cutter Mountain. We suffered an unexpected death in our immediate family, and it was not only a painful personal experience, it also put us behind on our print schedule as we worked through our family matters at home. As a result of the delays it caused to our timeline, folks have had a few extra weeks to purchase their print copies of Clean Break ahead of our manufacturing schedule. Though we’re still hobbling through the emotions of our loss, we’re back at work on Clean Break, and the print proof has been ordered and will arrive within the next couple of weeks. If there are no significant revisions required, we’ll order the prints immediately thereafter.

This means the window to purchase a print copy of CLEAN BREAK is swiftly closing, so if you want to guarantee your ability to get your hands on a printed version of our little CY_BORG zine, you need to act quickly. With the Kickstarter long over, the only way to purchase your physical copy is through the Cutter Mountain shop. 

Once we’ve placed the manufacturing order, no further print copies of Clean Break will be made. We will order enough copies to cover our Kickstarter backers, our Cutter Mountain shop orders, and some extras to offer to distributors and to replace any losses or damages. And that is it. While any left overs will be offered in our shop once we’ve honored our commitments, we can’t guarantee how many there will be, or if there will be any at all.

Digital CLEAN BREAK will be available in perpetuity, so if you miss your chance to grab a print copy, you’ll still be able to enjoy the PDF version. We will not only be offering the Clean Break PDF through the Cutter Mountain shop, it’ll also be for sale at DTRPG within the next few months.

For all of you who have supported us, we truly thank you for your patience and can’t wait for you to check out Clean Break. We’re really proud of how this came together and hope you enjoy it!

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