About: Cutter Mountain Simulations are Jennifer and Scott Craig, accompanied by a revolving cast of artists and writers – usually John K. Webb and Michael Andrews. Scott is a game designer and writer. Jennifer handles the paperwork.

What we do: We release original games on our own terms that look great and live up to our pretty discerning standards. We also run a 5-star eBay store (since 1998) that offers vintage & collectable games & 3D printed terrain and minis from our very own print farm.

What we’re up to: It’s anyone’s guess, but the easiest way to find out is to head to our latest news section. Here you can read our very occasional posts to learn about new releases, collabs, Kickstarter campaigns or other projects we’re working on.

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Feeling spendy? Head over to the Cutter Mountain Simulations shop and buy our available titles, including CLEAN BREAK and Sepulchre of Dusk, available in OSE or Shadowdark versions. Our shop also serves as our Kickstarter pre-order store whenever we have a campaign running.