CLEAN BREAK Heads to the Printers!

This is it, Br4ve Travel3rs!

CLEAN BREAK, print proof has been approved and we are now in manufacturing!

Feast your eyes on the images below. We are beyond excited to finally get this labor of love into your grubby mitts! Manufacturing should take a few weeks, and once we receive the zines here at CMS / VOWLLC, we will immediately begin fulfillment!

This also means that CLEAN BREAK PRINT is now listed as “Out of Stock” in our store, and print copies will only be made available for those who did not back our Kickstarter or purchase from our pre-order store should there be any left overs following mailouts.

For the sake of thoroughness, we’ve also checked around with the “usual suspects” to see if any of them wanted to carry print copies of CLEAN BREAK for distro. We’ll update you should it become available for purchase through places like Exalted Funeral or Noble Knight in the future.

And so… HUZZAH! We are well pleased and hope you love our efforts. I’ll update the latest news section when the copies arrive here so you’ll know to be expecting it. In the meantime, double check your mailing address if you’ve moved and update accordingly! 

CLEAN BREAK Heads to the Printers!

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