We’ve been hard at work making some basic upgrades to the site with ease of navigation in mind. Poke around and let us know if you spot any room for improvement!

Our shop is up and running with a PRE-ORDER SECTION for CLEAN BREAK as well as a totally unrelated, brand spanking new adventure PDF available for purchase. The digital version of CLEAN BREAK should start fulfilling in June, the ART OF CLEAN BREAK in digital format will fulfill by July, and the printed version of CLEAN BREAK will begin shipping to Backers and pre-order customers by or before August, 2023.

Latest news from Cutter Mountain Simulations will now be posted in blog-style format HERE. You can like, share and comment as well as follow our blog or the comments you make there. We’ve also made it easy for you to sign up for our newsletter by giving it a dedicated page, HERE. It’s a little slow loading the form, so give it a sec.

We’ve also added a handy About Us section that will let you know what Cutter Mountain is all about. Questions? Need help? Go HERE and tell us what you need.

So more about that brand spanking new adventure up for sale on the Cutter Mountain shop…. SEPULCHRE OF DUSK is an adventure for the Shadowdark RPG system by The Arcane Library. I think it’s fair to say that Scott is just too excited for words. This is his first time publishing an adventure that he has written himself, and he would love to hear fun stories from you about running SEPULCHRE OF DUSK with your group. Feel free to drop Scott an email or find him on Discord. He’s a member of The Arcane Library server. We’re so proud of him.

For those of you who have purchased CLEAN BREAK through our website after the Kickstarter campaign ended, we’ll be sure to post any Kickstarter updates in the Latest News section here on our site so you can stay informed. We’ll be taking pre-orders for CLEAN BREAK print until right before it’s time to place the manufacturing order. Once we are in printing, the CLEAN BREAK (Print) product will be disabled in our shop. If we have any print copies left over after we fulfill all pre-order store purchases and our Kickstarter Backers, we’ll offer the leftovers for sale in our shop. Of course surplus availablity can’t be guaranteed, so don’t dilly-dally if you want a copy of CLEAN BREAK in print, humans.