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Sepulchre of Dusk is an introductory Shadowdark adventure for up to four players and a Game Master.

Life is hard for the clans of the wold, a life of toil and sacrifice. But there is joy as well. A marriage festival is underway; kith and kin have gathered at the homestead. But harken! The bridegroom has been captured; his retainers slain in cruel ambush. After a violent change in leadership, the Blood Blade goblin tribe has turned its face from peace and now threatens war. Can the raiders be caught, and the bridegroom returned to his family?

Four heroes give chase, hoping to overtake the raiders. But when this hope is dashed, only one path remains to effect a rescue of their friend.

They must brave the Sepulchre of Dusk.

Included in this adventure module:

  • A fully detailed adventure location designed with verisimilitude and ease of use in mind.
  • Fully bookmarked and hyperlinked digital version of the adventure in easy-to-read digest size format.
  • Low-ink, art-free version of the adventure for convenient printing.
  • Separate map files in both regular and low-ink versions.
  • Four pre-generated print-ready Level 1 player characters.

The free Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set by The Arcane Library is required to use this adventure. However, Sepulchre of Dusk is broadly compatible with other old school gaming systems that emulate classic B/X such as Old School Essentials and Swords & Wizardry. Sepulchre of Dusk is suitable for an evening’s play, but may be expanded to further sessions if desired.

The Team: Writing and Physical Systems Design is by Scott Craig. John K Webb served as Proofing Editor. Michael Andrews art is featured throughout SEPULCHRE OF DUSK. Jennifer Craig is in charge of logistics and distribution.

Small Print: SEPULCHRE OF DUSK is an independent production of Cutter Mountain SimulationsVault of Wonders, LLC published under the Shadowdark RPG Third-Party License and is not affiliated with The Arcane Library, LLC. Shadowdark RPG © 2023 The Arcane Library, LLC.



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