Dwarven Monumental Entrance – 28mm


3D Printed Terrain: Dwarven Monumental Entrance in 28mm scale

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The Mines: Remnants of the Lost Kingdom is an incredibly detailed set of buildings and models that compose a modular, ruined underground dwarven kingdom, much like Khazad-dum, otherwise known as Moria. This terrain is perfect for skirmish and adventure games such as Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Rangers of Shadow Deep, and Lasting Tales.


  • Dwarven Monumental Entrance (gateway, statues x2, plinths x2, hammer tops x2, wall components x4, tunnel portion. Requires assembly.) – 28mm scale
  • Dwarven 2nd Hall Columns x4 – 28mm scale
  • Dwarven Ruined 2nd Hall Columns x2 – 28mm scale

Each building includes removable roofs and floors, with detailed interiors and working doors. The doors will require a little assembly.

Licensed from: The Mines | Printed By: Cutter Mountain Fabrication | Material: PLA (will be dark or light grey, or black)

  • We never sell 3D printed miniatures or terrain that we haven’t tested ourselves. As more models are test printed by Cutter Mountain Fabrication, they will be photographed and added to the range available!
  • Any miniatures in our product photos are for scale purposes only and are not included.
  • All items are printed on demand, which means that there is some turn-around time. Items are typically ready within 10 days, though larger terrain pieces and custom orders can take longer. We’ll update you with a time-frame for completion following your purchase.
  • Care: Multipart 3D printed models will require some cleaning and assembly. 3D printed models can be easily assembled or repaired with super glue. Acrylic paint sticks to 3D printed models just like plastic miniatures and models. Do not leave 3D printed models in a hot place like your car.
Dwarven Monumental Entrance – 28mm

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