About Us

Welcome to Cutter Mountain!

What are we?

Cutter Mountain is a small company dedicated to creating exceptional layouts with a specialization in gaming industry products. From Dungeons & Dragons (5e, OSR, etc.) to RPG, cartography, fantasy, adventure, campaign books, board games and monthly periodicals, we aim to provide incredible style and broad-scale logistics to small-press projects. Cutter Mountain is a division of Vault of Wonders, LLC.

Who are we?

Cutter Mountain is owned by married couple Scott and Jennifer Craig. We are both freelance creatives, offering our services to help realize important projects in the indie and small-press market.

Design & Layout:

If you are a fan of D&D 5e, you may already know Scott Craig by name. As an independent contractor, Scott has held the position of Editor in Chief for BroadSword Monthly since it’s inception in 2019. BroadSword is an original Fifth Edition periodical book by the internet’s most prolific 5e content creator, DMDave, and features a full color cover and black and white interior in the style of Dungeon Magazine. In his work on Dave’s projects, Scott has been responsible for the design and layout for every issue of BroadSword, the BroadSword Compendium Vol. 1 and the BroadSword Monster Compendium Spring 2021. In addition, Scott was responsible for the design and layout on the Legends of Omeria board game, a successfully funded DMDave Kickstarter. Scott’s designs are for both PDF and print products. Please take a look at the Portfolio to see more of his work.

Publishing & Distribution:

As an independent contractor, Jennifer has held the position of Director of Logistics for DMDave since spring 2020. She was brought into the team in order to fulfill two successful Kickstarters for DMDave, BroadSword Magazine and BroadSword Monthly Extra Attack. Following the completion of those two projects, her role within the company was expanded to include all fulfillment for DMDave across multiple channels, including subscription clients, a bustling e-commerce website, and the DMDave Patreon, (DMDave is currently the 8th ranking creator in the world in the Patreon games category). In edition, she is also providing fulfillment and logistics services for the successfully funded Legends of Omeria Kickstarter. For the new Pexia’s Guide to Omeria & Hand of the Eight adventure path hardcover two-book Kickstarter, Jennifer is at the helm for publication, logistics and fulfillment.

What’s in the Vault?

The Vault of Wonders, LLC is a holding company owned by Scott and Jennifer, and is comprised of several smaller companies including Cutter Mountain, Vault of Wonders Games, (Scott’s vintage & collectible game shop that he’s been running in one form or another since 1993), Whispering City RVA, (Jennifer’s online vintage boutique), and Flame Noir Candle Co., (Jennifer’s handmade candle company dedicated to classic literary detectives).

Jennifer and Scott live in a small town in rural Virginia where Jennifer has a large garden. As a hobby, she is tinkering with a handmade product to launch on Amazon, and is working on a small book series for birdwatchers. Scott is conceptualizing an OSR book series with original adventures, and plans to launch a Kickstarter for it in the near future.

Vault of Wonders, LLC

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